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Choosing Trading Estate in UK for your international company

Choosing Trading Estate in UK for your international company

The overview: This is the Europe largest trading estate which is still in a single ownership. And it is also a place where many of the world-famous companies (like Mars, Fiat, Ferrari, Telefonica O2, Rim etc.) have found their home. And this place now has a reputation of a location for business with world class. SEGRO is the owner and manager of this whole estate and at this moment SETGO is the first provider of Business Space which is Flexible in whole Europe. They have more than ninety years of work in this field and a long history of giving world famous companies innovative and really excellent solutions for property. They have the benefit from their location at the center of Thames Valley, which gives them the access to a huge employment base. Companies can get the very best people and talents from this region, the best that region has to offer since a labor force of more than 2.6 million people live near with just an hour of driving to the Estate.


Why to choose this one and not some other? It is definitely the best business location for any business which is global and going to expand its reach. You can choose it as either UK or European headquarter, like many companies did and they are more than happy that they’ve chosen this wisely. Companies that have their headquarters here are international ones and coming from various sectors: biotechnology, telecoms, automotive, IT, pharmaceuticals, datacenters, logistics, food processing etc. This place has a big master plan to help local economy with 100 million pounds on a yearly basis and opening of 4 000 new places for the employment.

cover_image1They have big vision for the future, since they know that their estate is one of a kind and very vibrant group, and a home to businesses of all kinds and sizes. Since they have a long history of 90 years, they have been involved continuously so that they can answer to business needs which are changing and developing and to fallow all the trends in industry in the UK. They are always ready to adapt to any requirements that certain business has, no matter if they are of a local start-up character of some big international brand. For a few years now a master plan for transformation and building the success even higher has been developed. This year is called Vision for the future and is made up for 20 years. It is supported by all local stakeholders, residents and occupiers. It was in the October of 2010 when master plan made a big milestone, since Slugh Council gave a huge consent for planning the development of enormous office space( 150 000 square meters) and also amenity and leisure space. This consent gave SEGRO a chance to advance a big area from the Barh Road entrance all the way to Leigh Road and finishing with the core center of the Estate. This huge development will ensure that it will continue to rise and stay one of the best business destinations, becoming better and better with every year. So if you are a company of any kind, looking for a suitable place for your European or UK headquarters, this is really the best place to choose.

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